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Contemporary glass design and architecture

Thanks to many years of artistic experience, we are able to create the most modern designs in glass. Thanks to our knowledge of a wide range of techniques, the creative options are almost infinite.
The choice of technique is determined by the artistic idea. Through the creative combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, works are created that exploit all the properties of both colourless and coloured glass.

Traditional stained glass and

It is thanks to the very intricate craftsmanship of the heraldic stained-glass panes that Switzerland still employs highly skilled glass painters today.

Traditional artistic glazing is also cultivated. We offer everything from simple rhombic glazing to traditional bull's-eye glazing and glazing with elaborate geometric patterns.

Conservation and restoration

Working on historically valuable stained glass requires special care and competence. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, we are able to advise you on the following issues:


  • Condition report of the stained glass and frame

  • Measures for cleaning and restoration of the windows

  • Conservation measures

We work in close collaboration with the cantonal monument conservation authorities and the Vitrocentre in Romont.

We work according to the guidelines of the Corpus Vitrearum.

Interior design

Kitchen backsplashes, partition walls, shower enclosures and illuminated objects result in a wide field of activity for our workshop.

The excellent properties of glass fit perfectly into contemporary architecture.

Protective glazing systems

The application of suitable protective glazing systems is the best measure for the conservation of historic stained glass.

Every object is unique. That is why we adapt the systems to the church buildings individually.

At the same time, the handling of the protective glazing is so simple that permanent maintenance of the windows (cleaning, inspection, etc.) remains possible.

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